Adverse Event Management

Tracking and trending incidents and adverse events is a time-consuming yet critical function in the healthcare setting. As a healthcare service firm, Pendulum Claims Management recognizes the time demands and pressures tracking and trending places on facility staff.

Pendulum's Adverse Event Management System allows you to efficiently record incidents and adverse events and evaluate related data for negative trends and risk potential. Remote access allows users with internet access the ability to login when they want to record an adverse event, complete an investigation, generate a state report, review for quality assurance, or run a report.

By recording adverse events in real time, you can take full advantage of the system's email notifications that alert specific individuals within your organization of certain event types (falls, medication errors, elopements, etc.), high-severity events (e.g., major, catastrophic), and state-reportable events.

The Adverse Event Management System's features provide the essential tools for your organization's workflow following an adverse event.

  • The system's event form is similar to a typical paper incident report form that contains the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of an adverse event—in addition to investigation, follow-up, and risk management
  • The system provides the ability to attach documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • The system generates your state report and other forms, letters, and documents
  • Automated text and graph reports can be customized for your organization for Quality Assurance or corporate review

Event Management services include:

  • Client organization structure configuration
  • Security/user access
  • Online training sessions
  • Telephonic or email system user support
  • Updates in system configuration
  • Customization and development of reports
  • System maintenance

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Download the Pendulum Event Management System document.

Learn how Pendulum’s incident-event system meets the needs of HUD risk management requirements for healthcare facility financing.

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